HFC Bank - Refuse to modify

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I have requested a modification and got it but I thought it was for permanent since I divorced and am not disabled and no longer making the same.Well I paid the mod but I was told that i need to resubmit.

I resubmitted and am married. My wife is not I the loan so her income should not come into play. I am still disabled. I continue to make the mod payments even though they ask for the full amount.

How do they expect me to pay in full if I am already struggling to pay the previous mod payment. They instead told me that I have built so much deferred I interest I will never pay my house off even if my wife wanted to continue paying she will never pay the house off and neither will my kids if they chose to keep it. I would like to sue but I need more ammo. I am just a single individual.

Please advice.I am considering walking away and rent to own if even

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HFC Bank - People complaining about HFC

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Not resolved

In stead of people complaining they should call there congressman with a solution.Right now with the economy needing a boost if they could get banks and finance companies to subtract the amout people have already paid on there loan and finance the balance at todays low rates we could put billions of dollars directly into the economy.

The government could give these banks tax breaks for ten years or so to recoup there loses.Republicans and Democrats alike are looking for soloutions to stop the downfall of America and in an election year it would be great if everyone on this site could call there congressman and lets fix the housing market.

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HFC Bank - HFC Denied Loan Mod

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My temporary loan mod with HFC expired on 11 1 2011, our payments shot up to $300.00 more a month, it was killing us, so I applied for a permanent or lower rate refi. At 8.35% interest my mortgage note barely gain any grounds, oh almost for got, that not counting 10.5K deferred in interest and fees that they've tacks on before and after the temporary loan mod.

The reason of denied letter state that my income exceeds modification program parameter, my god I am not asking a hand out or sympathy from these bastards, just some needed breathing room. I am a Vets with a permanently and totally disabled, due to service connected disabilities. The monetary that I recieved from the VA is a benefits not income depicted in HFC denial letter. My concerns is that if I should die (god forbid) prematurely from my disabilities, how is my family can afford to keep a roof over their heads.


HFC Bank - Hfc

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Hfc.Been making payments on the 1st of each month using online banking.

My bank sends cashiers checks. BFF has been calling 5-8 times a day 7 days a week for payments. Bank has informed me all checks have been processed. Always explain to hfc and at the end of conversation they ask when I can send my payment.

Really? Have sent faxes to research department and mailed all bank copies. Never get replies just late notices and numerous calls a day. How unprofessional.

How does a situationike this get resolved. Sent to correct addresses.

Account numbers.Very confused

HFC Bank - Stopped doing loans but won't work with you in divorce

Oskaloosa, Iowa 1 comment

After giving us a large unsecured loan (my ex-husband loved to spend money) with high interest and us paying like clockwork as we do everything, put us on lower interest lower payment due to divorce for 6 months only than jacked it up to where it was before and won't give valid reason or work with us in any way.I have to call them every week and ask status of request for hardship program only to be told every time it is being processed (lack of knowing what else to say).

Worst customer service I have ever experienced.Stay away from HFC (Omaha NE)!

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Don't you hate it when people lend you money, on terms you agree to, and then you can't pay it back as per the terms, and they want to charge you per the agreement you signed?I don't understand why you can't unilaterally renegotiate the loan agreement.

Just because they did what they said they would, give you the money, why should you have to pay it back as you agreed to?I wouldn't do business with them either.

HFC Bank - Scammed me into high intrest loan


a coulple of years ago, we were havung problems with our financial institution.We needed to refinance.

HFC contacted me and said that they could help me. Ultimatley, they brought me into a mortgage for 11.5% and said that because of my credit after 1 year, they would refinance me for a lower rate. during that year, they stopped processing loans and thus i am stuck with a high interest rate loan. I tried to refinance through anouther institution but because of the housing crisis, My appraisal was to low.

I need help. they will not work with me. they reduced my mortgage for only 6 months. Now it is back up to where it was before.

Is there anyone that has any idea how to get out of this mess?david,wright2@va.gov

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I too have the same problem with HFC.Yes, there should be a class action law suit aganist them.

They don't try to work with you. Keep all of your papers and receipts with them.

I was promised refinancing when I took out my housing crashed they don't do that anymore.So I'm stuck paying a 11% interest rate!


i am trying to re-finance with quicken loans for a much lower rate. hopefully my appraisal will come in ok.


Yeap...I am in the same situation, just paid a loan modification law firm $2500.

to see if they could do something since I could not do it for myself and NOPE, HFC declined the permanent modification.

my home value is 15K, under the value.I don't know what I am going to do @ 9.8%


We have the same problem.I have contacted the Attorney General/Senator/Governor/and Congressmen regarding HFC.

The FTC has our complaint and is watching them.

We all need to push for a class action suit against them to make them work with homeowners!My interest rate is 42% of our income and they will not help interest rate at 10%.

to anonymous #734266

Contact your states Attorney Generals office.I too, am in the same situation woth HFC.

Was promised a refi after a 6 month period. then they decided to no longer refi anyone. Due to housing crash, my home lost 35k value and im upside down. Ive had their *** "temp mod" that only defers interest and neagatively ammortizes the principle putting me in even deeper to them.

(which I've found through Ag's office that neg ammortization is illegal now and considered predatory)Go after them. I am. Ive been fighting with these *** for 3 years. The AG's office has taken over with me and actually hired me a lawyer through a grant our attorney generals office has bc these banks have screwed consumers so hard.

Call your local attorney generals office and open a claim. They will fight for you. HFC is on their "black list". Good luck!

I'm still fighting my battle with them. My next step is to yank out every *** appliance and landscape this property has and walk away.

So tired of them not helping those who legitimately need it.I don't want a hand out, but 6% rate on an upside down house could really help.

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HFC Bank - HFC Fails to Modify Home Loans

San Jose, California 6 comments

HFC is not agreeing to any permanent home loan modifications, only 6-month short term modifications.A class action should be started to require them to permanently modify loans with predatory interest rates (i.e.

7.00% and above. They refuse to deal with their borrowers, and they refuse to deal with loan modification companies and attorneys.

They are stone-walling everyone who wants a permanent solution to a predatory interest rate and they need to be motivated by a class action suit in order to agree to permanent loan modifications.I have asked several attorneys to initiate a class action similar to the one started against Bank of America in 3/10 for the same complaint.



I have a loan with them; not only will they NOT modify your loan, it is not in their best interest or bottom line to do so.

Instead of a class action, where all the attorneys get the money, and the consumers NOTHING, you need to get a group of people who are willing to hire their own private attorney to fight this on a contingency basis, as INDIVIDUALS.

This has to be at least 25 people in every state who has an HFC loan, and is completely dissatisfied with the way they do business, such as their simple interest compounded deffered interest that skyrockets, their outrageous interest rates, and so on and so forth.

Once that is accomplished, go to the press and let it be known.

HFC will settle, but it will be to the individual's advantage, and not HFC's or the lawyers.


I too would like to see a class action suit against HFC.They will only do modifications for short terms.

This last time I requested again so now they added my taxes and insurance into it and now my payments are rediculous. There is no way I can make these payments. It doesn't make any sense to me. Because my credit is less then perfect I am unable to get a refinance with anyone else.

These people are ruthless. They will not let you speak with anyone other then the person they assign to you. And mine talks to me as though she is reading from a script.

I understand Miss----, Let me take this opportunity to assure you that HFC is looking out for your best interest and let me take this opportunity to advise you that you can apply for a short sale, etc, etc.Something needs to be done with this company.


I would like to join a Class Action against HFC, and Officiers if possible. davehancock@juno.com 865-202-0532


Anyone know of an attorney who will do a class action law suit against hfc


I am also in the same boat.I have a great job and still cannot make ends meet.

HFC refused me life insurance on my loan saying it was unavailable to me and my husband at the time. He died in 2009 and they will not modify my loan and on my mortgage it looks like I opted out of the life insurance.

I want to find a lawyer who will do a class action suit.Does anyone have any ideas, please.


I am in the same boat here, they will not agree with me at all. very clse to forclosure, next few months. I do not want to lose my home.I just want my loan modified or a new lender which I am not in a good position to get.

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HFC Bank - HFC charges for amending direct debit payment date

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Not resolved

I bought a sofa on interest free credit from DFS financed by HFC Bank.

The date they set up the Direct Debit was 2 days before payday so I amended it. I am changing job so asked to change it to again. They told me they would not do this until I paid them £10 as they only allow one date change.

I think this is unacceptable, I changed the date with no problems with all the other companies I deal with.

HFC are clearly using this to make money for doing what EVERY other company do for free to ensure they get paid when money is in the customer's account.

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HFC Bank - HFC Stands for Hellaciously F****** Consumers

Reston, Virginia 1 comment

My wife & I borrowed $15,000 on a signature loan 10 years ago.At 24.5% interest we owed $19,000 8 years later after paying $400.00 a month.

We filed bankruptcy 2 years ago and they were included in final judgement. Our attorney said that if we didn't continue paying them they could foreclose on our home.

We refinanced with a reputable loan company whose name begins with "Q" and found out that they could have a lein on our property but couldn't do squat about foreclosing.It took the legal team of "Q" to release us from endless bondage from the nastiest company we have ever done business with.



I was with HFC for many years and in 2010 I lost my job and had to file bankruptcy.The bankruptcy included my mortage loan with HFC.

According to the bankruptcy papers they were mot allowed to contact me in any way. I kept receiving notices telling me I asked them to keep my loan open. When I filed bankruptcy I moved out even though I could have stayed in my home for along time without paying the mortage. HFC now says they have a lien on my apartment.

(I RENT I don't own).They keep trying to take me to court on a forcloser for the house I moved out of in 2010.

HFC Bank - Manager was very rude

Virginia Beach, Virginia 0 comments

I applied for loan,loan rep was very nice.She approved loan and she introduced me to manager.

First he was nice ,then he looked at my finances, told me they couldn"t do loan. He insulted me by saying I did not seem my age.

He seemed to interragate me as if I was lying about my age and paystubs. He did not act professional.

I do not care if he couldn't do it I just felt offended by his rude comments and behavior.

He never asked for id or called to verify my job.

HFC lost me.

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